Whitehorse Rapids Indoor Teams

2016 / 2017


Pepsi (Red)


Klondike BusinessSolutions (Blue)


Yukon Brewing(Black)


Team Keith (White)
Phil Jackson - Captain

Robert Bousquet

Dale Cheeseman

Justin Ferby

Steve Insley

Jean-Pascal Ladroue

Ross Lindley

Danny Macdonald

James McCullough

Simon Pulido

Thomas Riexinger (G)

Ken Sylvestre

Andy Todd - Captain

Bruno Bourdache

Jim Brown

Arnold Hedstrom

Charlie Hoeller (G)

Gareth Howells

John MacPhail

Charles Mcleod

Travis Schommer

Keith Welch

Larry White

Jim Connell - Captain

Liz Bradley

Gord  deBryun

Jeffrey Ford

Goher Hafeez

Leonard Linklater

George Maratos (G)

mark o'brien

Guliano Rayo

David Rayo

Pat Shaw

Chris Stacey

Keith  Maguire - Captain

Cory Adam (G)

Gordon Barker

Rob Florkiewicz

Adil khalik

Ben Mercier

Joe Morrison

Eric Murphy

Jason Steele

Mamadou Togola

Jan Aalt van den Hoorn

Scott Wood


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