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LTPD “Learn to Train” Coaching Course

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Coaching with the Yukon Soccer Association

The Yukon Soccer Association offers coach training at a variety of levels to those who are prepared to help players gain skill and learn to appreciate the game. A long-time association with the sport is not required to be a valuable component of our programs. What is needed is the desire to work with young people in a respectful and constructive manner so to encourage participation at a level that meets the goal of the player and the association.

The parent who volunteers week nights with one of the Yukon Soccer Association community affiliates is as valuable as the person who takes the time to certify as a coach for the Yukon Soccer Club or takes on the job of preparing elite teams for inter-provincial, national and international competitions.

Become A Coach

Coaching soccer with Yukon Soccer Association offers the possibility of taking your passion for sport and giving it to a young person who will hopefully keep it the rest of their lives. The Yukon Soccer Association has minimum standards that anyone who works with young people must meet.

All coaches must have a current Criminal Record Check on file with Yukon Soccer Association or an affiliate office.

They must also demonstrate the principles of fair play and individual respect as outlined by the local affiliate’s rules and in the broadest sense, the goals of FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations).

Coaches selected to coach teams attending major competitions like North American Indigenous Games, Arctic Winter Games, Western Canada Games, and Canada Summer Games are expected to attain appropriate Canada Soccer Association and National Coaches Certification Program certificates.


Congratulations to all participants
of the C License coaching clinic


Yukon Soccer Learn to Train – Coaching Clinic Sept 2020 with John MacPhail

Yukon Soccer Learn to Train – Coaching Clinic Sept 2020 with John MacPhail

Participants: Paul Inglis, Ashley Swinton, Andrew Elines, Samantha Samuelson, Mark Wickham, Cindi Cowie, Derric Lewis, Martin Jahr, Dan Poelman & Journey Paulus.


Yukon Soccer Learn to Train – Coaching Clinic May 2021 with John MacPhail

Participants: Travis Banks, Jaime Chown, Marten Sealy, Felix Masson, Myles Terry, Chelsi Gorrell, Jordan Minifie, Jasmine Sealy, Tebogo Kebab, Andrea Fischer, Kade Bringsli, Mark Wickham, Eric Porter, Elise Bingeman


Yukon Soccer Learn to Train – Coaching Clinic Sept 2020 with John MacPhail