YSA hosts the annual Yukon Championships for both Futsal and Soccer.  Further schedules and details will be posted here closer to the respective tournament.

Co-Ed Indoor Tournament April 10, 2021

On the turf at the Canada Games Centre.

April 9th:

Round 1:
7:00pm 2v1
7:20pm 3v8
7:40pm 4v7
8:00pm 5v6

Round 2
8:20pm 3v4
8:40pm 1v7
9:00pm 8v6
9:20pm 2v5

Round 3
9:40pm 1v4

April 10th
9:00am 6v2
9.20am 7v8
9:40am 5v3

Round 4
10:00am 8v4
10:20am 1v6
10:40am 7v5
11:00am 2v3

Round 5
11:20am 5v8
11:40am 6v7
12:00pm 1v3
12:20pm 4v2

Round 6

12:40pm 8v1
1:00pm 2v7
1:20pm 4v5
1:40pm 3v6

Round 7
2:00pm 8v2
2:20pm 1v5
2:40pm 7v3
3:00pm 6v8

June 11-13, 2021
Yukon Outdoor Championships

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